We believe that children have the natural ability to learn a second language as they are learning their first. They just need plenty of exposure to that language. It can be difficult if a parent does not have any material to work with.

Why Greek? I am Greek American and was raised bilingual. When my son was born in 1997 I was working hard to teach him Greek but I found it became more and more difficult as he got older. I was amazed as to how easily he learned things from the television and the books and toys we had at home. But they were all in English. Then when my son was 3 he started preschool part time at a very creative school in our area. It teaches foreign language to children. Everyday my son would come home counting and singing songs in Spanish, German, French and even Japanese! That is when I realized that I needed some tools to help me. My search for quality Greek educational products here in the United States proved to be unsuccessful. This is how GreekBaby was born.

Our goal is to offer quality educational products that will help a child learn the Greek language and also expose him or her to the different aspects of the Greek culture. On our website we are working on offering a section for parents to help give them ideas and resources on creating a Greek language climate in their homes. We are also working on adding an educational section for kids to play games and learn Greek vocabulary. Oh, and stay tuned. We will also offer something for teachers as well. Don’t forget to visit our website often or call us to stay informed about these great additions. We hope you and your children enjoy our products as much as we enjoy selecting them for you.

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